Monday, September 28, 2009


Earlier this summer we conducted a survey into the usage of the JAC Library. Questionnaires were issued to staff in the two Science Divisions and the SCS Division. A total of 15 responses were received (45% of the staff surveyed) and the following is a summary of the key findings and actions arising from the responses.

The library has six regular users (more than 10 times a year) and another 8 occasional users. Unsurprisingly, most usage is associated with the use of books (as opposed to magazines and journals). There was an almost equal split between staff working from books in the library and those signing them out. Most respondents indicated that they rarely (less than 5 times a year) use the hard copy journals, preferring instead to access the on-line copies. At present, however, there are no financial savings to be had by moving to on-line access only.

The hard copies of the magazines in the library are used infrequently albeit almost all of the respondents indicated that they had referred to them at least once during the previous twelve months.

Responses were very positive about the ease of booking material in and out of the library and the majority of respondents (10/15) stated that they either Always or Nearly Always found what they were looking for. A small number of respondents (4) did not know that there was a website which includes a catalogue of the library holdings.

Suggestions for improvements to the library included online access to a wider range of journals (including technical journals), a broader range of books (including training/management material), a newer photocopier, and a quieter de-humidifier!

The survey confirmed that the library is seen as a good resource and that it is well-ordered and managed. Expenditure on the library is between $10-15K a year (the majority being spent on subscriptions to journals and magazines). The Library is a shared resource with Gemini.

The Library Committee will be looking at expanding the range of material that is available and updates on new publications will be announced to staff. In addition, we are in the process of setting up a stand-alone training facility in the library. This will comprise a computer workstation which will offer a menu of training courses on subjects such as Diversity in the Workplace; Hiring Techniques; Employment law Advice for Supervisors; and Appraisal Training. It is hoped to have this in place in October 2009 and to expand the range of material available over the coming years.

Unfortunately, the de-humidifier will remain for the foreseeable future but it can be turned off when you are working in the library, but please remember to turn it back on again!